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Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal has been created by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It has been constituted to provide speedier remedy to the victims of accident by motor vehicles.

Every year, traffic accidents cost thousands of lives, 40,000 serious injuries, three million bed days in the NHS, illness, and mental health problems. At Field Fisher, we have accidental damage from the UK’s leading traffic accident teams. Fight for yourself and make sure that you have what you need to live your life with dignity. Cases of traffic accident damage are often associated with extremely serious injuries. Rest assured that we’ve covered a wide variety of types of injuries and accidental damage, some of which are listed below.

Of course, the types of injuries that customers are claiming for are widespread, and this list is not exhaustive and should only be used as a guide to the various forms of personal injury. Call us for a confidential chat to discuss your potential claim for compensation from one of our personal injury attorneys or fill out our online form. One of our Michael Jefferies Injury Lawyers damage claims experts will attempt to contact you within 2 business hours for further information and advice as appropriate. It can be comforting to know that other people have successfully filed your type of accidental damage. Below are some examples of the types of accidents we have experience.

Don’t worry if your accident type is not on our list. We may still be able to help you. Accidents at work can be very stressful and cause painful injuries. Regardless of your injury, you should be able to trust your employer to make sure you are safe in your work environment. There are two types of insurance claims: primary insurance claims and third-party insurance claims. While a primary insurance claim is one that you file with your own insurance company, a third-party insurance claim is one that you file with another insurer or insurance company. Most policyholders have measures to cover injured third parties due to their injury. The type of accident claim you submit depends on who was responsible for the accident, the type of accident that occurred, and the extent to which you are insured.

For example, if you have had an accident while driving your car, you will likely need to file an initial application with your car insurance company. a car wh If you crossed the street or were involved in an accident while a passenger was in a car, you must make a third-party claim with the driver’s car insurance. Alternatively, if you were injured while shopping at a store or eating at a restaurant, you can file a third-party claim with the company’s insurance company. Car accidents can occur due to road conditions or other environmental factors that are beyond your control. If your car accident was caused by potholes or cracks in the road surface, your lawsuit can be filed with the Highway Agency or your local city hall. This is because they are responsible for ensuring that the roads you use are in good condition.

Someone is responsible for every section of the road and pavement. If it is unsafe to use, you may be able to make a claim. Don’t worry if you weren’t in a car in the car accident. We know that traffic accidents can also affect pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. You can also file a lawsuit if you’ve been injured as a passenger in a car accident or as a passenger on a bus or taxi. Accident Claims Advice is here to help in the event you suffer any form of personal injury and are considering filing an accident compensation claim. Confirm various accidents for humans such as traffic accidents, work accidents, slips, trips, and falls, sports injuries, and whiplash. If you would like to apply for compensation and are not sure how to proceed, accident insurance advice will be happy to help you.

We offer free advice, free initial consultation by phone, we have our own personal injury attorneys (we are not a claims management company) with years of experience in No Win No Fee claims, and a team of consultants who can answer your questions. Questions and that help our lawyers too.

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